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Rights After a Hit and Run

There are insurance coverages and laws designed to protect a motorcyclist who is injured in a hit and run accident in Chicago.

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If you were injured by a driver who fled the scene after hitting your bike, a Chicago motorcycle accident attorney will be able to help make sure that your rights are protected and help you receive the compensation you are entitled to.

A hit and run motorcycle accident can be catastrophic, as the extent of the injury to the motorcyclist is usually severe. Not only is the hit and driver escaping from the responsibility to pay for any damages caused, the driver is leaving a potentially critically injured person alone in the street. You may never have the chance to bring a hit and run driver to justice, but you do not have to take on their financial responsibility.

Protecting Your Rights After a Hit and Run Motorcycle Accident

Even if the driver of the vehicle that hit you is never located, you could still receive personal injury compensation from your own insurance company. As a driver, you are required by law to have uninsured motorist coverage as a part of your policy. While designed to protect you when injured by a driver who is not following the law by carrying adequate insurance coverage, it can also be used in situations where there is no driver available to file a claim against.

A Chicago motorcycle accident attorney will assist you in negotiating with your own insurance company for a fair settlement for your injuries. The physical damage that results from a motorcycle accident is often severe, requiring extensive medical care. Although it is unfair that your own insurance company must pay for the cost of that care, this very circumstance is the reason why you pay for the coverage in the first place.

Filing a Claim With Your Own Insurance Company

Before you begin speaking with an insurance adjustor about your accident and injuries, consult a Chicago motorcycle accident attorney. Even though you are dealing with your own insurance company, it is still in their best interest to minimize your injuries as much as possible. With an attorney acting on your behalf, you have a better chance at receiving the full compensation that you are entitled to by law. This includes recovering lost wages, the cost of medications and any damage to your bike, along with your medical care.

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