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Car Accidents Caused From Crossing Over Solid Yellow Lines

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In the event that another driver has ignored the solid yellow line, causing you injury, his blatant disregard for the law may entitle you to monetary compensation.

Car Accidents Caused From Crossing Over Solid Yellow Lines

Attempting to pass a vehicle where it is restricted is the cause of many head on collisions in Chicago and its outlying suburbs. The markings down the center of a roadway are no different than a traffic sign, and should be obeyed at all times. In the event that another driver has ignored the solid yellow line, causing you injury, his blatant disregard for the law may entitle you to monetary compensation for your financial losses and pain and suffering.

What Does A Solid Yellow Line Indicate?

Like traffic signs, roadway markings are recognized all over the country. In Chicago, and everywhere else, a solid yellow line means that you are restricted from passing a vehicle on that area of the roadway. In most cases, it is there because there is an obstruction of your view to oncoming traffic, such as a hill or curve. If there are two yellow lines, one solid and one dotted, you must follow the rules for the line that is on the side of the road in which you are driving. One or two solid yellow lines indicates that no passing is allowed in either direction.

Head on Collisions and Solid Yellow Lines

The danger of passing over a solid yellow line is that it could result in a high speed head on collision. These are one of the deadliest types of accidents in Chicago, as the driver and passengers are usually caught off guard right before the crash occurs. If you are traveling at a normal speed when a car suddenly appears right in front of you, there is usually little time to react, resulting in grave injuries to the head, neck, spine and internal organs.

Victims of these accidents often need extensive and expensive medical treatment, and can sometimes find themselves permanently disabled from the crash. As the other driver committed a traffic offense which caused the accident, they may be held responsible for paying for all of your medical treatments, plus any future medical care, along with the damage to your car and the pain and suffering you endured as a result of their negligence.

Is it Ever Okay to Cross the Solid Yellow Line?

The only time you are permitted to cross over a solid yellow line on a Chicago roadway is if you are making a legal left hand turn. Even then, great caution should be taken to ensure that you can make the maneuver quickly, and that no other vehicles are heading towards you.

All car accidents are scary, but head on collisions can be devastating. If you know someone who has been hurt in one, or are a victim yourself, you need to speak with a Chicago car accident as quickly as possible. Medical bills are likely to pile up fast, and you will want a competent personal injury lawyer that allows you to recover, while they are at work recovering your damages.

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