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Elderly Pedestrian Awarded $100,000.00 Following A Parking Lot Collision

Elderly Pedestrian Awarded $100,000.00 Following A Parking Lot Collision

On December 21, 2023, our client, 92 years of age, was taking her weekly trip to the grocery store. Even at her age, she was fully independent and often ran her own errands. After parking her car, our client began approaching the entrance when, unsuspectingly, a vehicle began to reverse right at her. The subsequent […]

Child Pedestrians Vulnerable to Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents

1 out of 5 children killed in car accidents are struck as pedestrians. A parent will take all possible steps to keep a child safe while traveling. Parents drive with extra caution, slow down, purchase cars equipped with the latest safety features, and use booster seats and car seats. It becomes more difficult to ensure the […]

Illinois Laws Regarding Pedestrian-Related Accidents

pedestrian accident lawyer illinois

Big cities like Chicago are prone to road accidents due to heavy traffic, including heavy rush of pedestrians and vehicles downtown. Illinois witnessed a total of 4,930 pedestrian-related accidents in 2012, according to the Illinois Crash Facts Statistics. Of those accidents, 139 reported fatalities and 4,665 reported some kind of injuries. Big cities, like Chicago, are […]

Most Dangerous Intersections in Chicago

The packed avenues and sidewalks often create safety hazards for many Chicagoans as they travel throughout the city. Chicago is one of the fastest and most heavily populated areas in the country. People from all walks of life flock to our city in search of amazing architecture, magnificent museums and new careers. Even though the […]

6 Tips for Driving Safely in Illinois School Zones

Summer’s over and the new school year is well underway. With school buses and backpacked children crowding the streets each morning and afternoon, Chicago drivers must remember to stay particularly alert when driving near school zones and school buses.  According to a chilling Chicago Tribune article in 2013, about half of all kids hit by […]

Pedestrian Accidents in Chicago on the Rise

Traffic fatalities are up 17% percent across Illinois – and Chicago pedestrians are seeing their share of the fallout. Deaths from Chicago pedestrian accidents in comprised a whopping 32% of the traffic fatalities within the city of Chicago in 2010, and 7.7% of all traffic fatalities in the state of Illinois. In 2012, things have only […]


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