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Personal Injury Lawyer Discusses Incidents with Man’s Best Friend

An estimated 44 percent of Americans own dogs and of those who don’t own dogs, 70 percent consider themselves a “dog person”.  There’s a reason dogs have been called our best friends. Dogs are bright, loving, and are loyal companions. I personally don’t own a dog (unlike Matthew Willens who adores his boxer) but I would definitely consider myself a dog person. What happens though when our best friends turn on us?

Bad dog!

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention about 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs each year. Of those, almost a million require medical attention for dog-bite related injuries.  Children are especially vulnerable and account for close to 500,000 of those who receive medical attention as a result of a dog bite each year.  So while dogs are incredible animals, they certainly are capable, whether intentionally or not, of causing some serious injuries.  It is important that you seek immediate medical attention when faced with injuries because of a dog bite. It is also vital, if you have children, to educate them on the importance of immediately reporting any dog-bite incidents to an adult.

Even “good” dogs bite.

In the past, dog-bite victims found it difficult to receive compensation for their injuries. These victims were required to show that the “animal had a mischievous propensity to inflict such injuries and the owner had knowledge of that propensity.” In other words, the victim needed to show that this was a bad dog and that the owner knew he was a bad dog.  Since the passage of the Animal Control Act, the legislatures dropped the need to show any prior acts by a dog or even that the owner had knowledge that his dog had the potential to act in such a way.

When the dog’s owner is liable

The Animal Control Act provides that a victim may recover for their injuries when the victim was not provocative, was peaceable and had the legal right to be where they were when the injury occurred.  So as long as the dog-bite victim did not provoke the incident (for example by throwing rocks at the dog) and the victim was not trespassing, then that victim should be lawfully compensated for the injuries they suffered and the expenses they incurred.

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Chicago Auto Accident Lawyer Is Against Speed Limit Increases

Earlier this year, Illinois increased the speed limit on some interstates to 70 miles per hour.  Since then, people have asked me what I thought of the new speed limits.  I suppose they want my perspective as an auto accident attorney.  Plain and simple, I don’t like it.

There are those who will say that much of the other parts of the country have increased speed limits to 70, 75 and one state to even 85 miles per hour (ridiculous).  I don’t care!  I’ve seen firsthand that speed kills and causes great bodily injury.

First of all, let’s use common sense.  We know that people, even the safest of drivers, will go a bit faster than the speed limit.  So, where the speed limit is 70, you know, I know and everyone knows that most people will feel comfortable driving at 75 to 80 miles per hour without fearing the consequences of a speeding ticket.

The Greater The Speed, The More Severe The Crash

You don’t need to be an expert to know that the faster the vehicles, the more severe the crash, the greater the likelihood of serious injuries or death to the people involved.  So what does a greater speed limit in certain areas accomplish?  We get to our final destination a few minutes earlier?  From a risk/benefit analysis, is increasing the speed limit worth the risk of human lives that are sure to come with more severe car crashes?

Let’s Not Forget About Driving Distracted At Greater Speeds

Been on the roads lately?  Have you looked around?  The odds are, you saw someone driving distracted.  Perhaps you saw someone with a cell phone to his ear or someone texting (which is as dangerous as driving while intoxicated).  Now we are going to give these distracted drivers the permission to drive faster on some of our interstates?  At 55 miles per hour, that distracted driver is going 80.67 feet per second.  At 70 miles per hour, he’s going 102.7 feet per second. That 20 extra feet per second may be the difference between life and death.  Distracted driving is bad enough.  Driving too fast is bad enough as well.  Putting them together equals disaster.

Many Auto Accident Cases Involve Speeding

Anyone who has been in the personal injury field has probably seen the serious consequences of someone driving too fast, whether it’s in a residential neighborhood or on the interstates of more rural areas.  I would imagine that many (probably most) auto accident Complaints at Law contain the language…

At all relevant times herein, it was the duty of the Defendant to operate his vehicle with reasonable care under the circumstances, yet, notwithstanding said duty, Defendant was guilty of one or more of the following acts or omissions:

  1. Negligently, carelessly and improperly drove his vehicle too fast for the conditions of the roadway upon which she was traveling, in violation of 625 ILCS 5/11-601;

With increased speed limits, we are bound to see more car and truck accidents, more substantial injuries and deaths from these accidents.

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I Was Injured. Should I Sue?

Here’s the scenario:  You were just seriously injured because of someone else’s negligence.  You may have been in a bike accident, a car accident…  Regardless of how you were hurt, it does not matter.  The accident was someone else’s fault and you’re hurting.  Medical bills are piling up.  You’re unable to work and your hobbies, well forget about those for now, maybe for a long while.  You may be considering hiring a lawyer but there’s some thoughts going through your mind about lawyers, probably not positive ones.  After all, as a group, lawyers haven’t made the best reputation for themselves.  One of the things that may be going through your mind goes something like this:  If I hire a lawyer, he’ll want to file a lawsuit and the thought of a lawsuit scares me.  It’s the last thing I need in my life right now given my condition.  Can’t I just settle and settle soon?  Should I sue?

I don’t mean to be too self-promotional here and don’t want to seem boastful, but stick with me through these next few sentences.  I am a trial lawyer with a lot of big verdicts.  That’s how I got my reputation.  That’s how I’ve gotten the accolades that come along with experience.  All that being said, I always say, “I wish I never had to sue anyone.”  I recognize that the thought of suing someone, the thought of a trial is scary to most people.  Heck, lawsuits and trials are scary to most lawyers.  Lawsuits can be time consuming and expensive.  In most cases, especially in cases involving serious injuries, you’d think the responsible insurance company would want to settle without litigation.  They might, but for a small fraction of what a case is worth.  You’d think the insurance company would want to do the right thing.  You’d think, but you’d be mistaken.   If I spent my career waiting around for insurance companies to do the right thing, my career would have ended very soon after it began.

Sometimes the only way to get the attention of a high level decision maker at an insurance company is the threat of a jury trial.  Sure, you may get the attention of some low level insurance representative who does not have much authority to do anything other than deny and delay claims or pay that small fraction discussed earlier.  But if you want to be paid fair and full value on your case, there’s nothing like the threat of a jury trial to get the “real” decision maker’s attention.  That decision maker, the guy who has the authority to write the big checks, will have to decide – “Should we settle or should we try the case?”  The answer is almost always – “Let’s settle.”

So on serious injury cases, it’s probably necessary to file a lawsuit, rather than wait around for the responsible insurance company to do the right thing.  The thought of filing a lawsuit and litigating a case can be scary but a good personal injury lawyer, one who has a track record of success in the courtroom, will make it less scary (not scare-free, but less scary).  The odds are that your case will never see a jury trial but if you want to be treated fairly by an insurance company (at least as fairly as an insurance company can be) you probably should hire a skilled personal injury lawyer who has experience with insurance companies and you probably should sue rather than waiting around for the insurance company to do the right thing.

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