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Chicago Birth Injury Lawyer – Prolonged Labor and Birth Injuries

Prolonged labor may put an infant in medical distress, putting the child at risk for birth injuries.

Chicago Birth Injury Lawyer – Prolonged Labor and Birth Injuries
Childbirth is an exciting time in a parent’s life, but it also presents an amount of risk for the mother and the child. During childbirth, any mistakes, such as the improper use of vacuum extraction or forceps, can cause various birth injuries. In addition, any kind of physical manipulation, failure to monitor the baby’s condition during delivery, or prolonged labor can lead to severe complications.

Risks Associated with Prolonged Labor

During the descent through the birth canal, the baby’s spine and brain are compressed because of the tremendous pressure inside the birth canal. Babies are capable of surviving such pressure. However, if the baby is deprived of oxygen during this process, there is a major risk of brain damage and other injuries:

Symptoms of Birth Injuries

In case of a prolonged labor, a medical team monitors the baby for any signs of distress or injury. Injuries such as broken bones, bruising, or lack of oxygen may show immediate signs, but brain injuries manifest differently and there may be no visible signs. Medical experts and parents must watch for signs of neurological delays. Signs such as inability to suckle, asymmetrical movement of limbs, unnatural harsh crying, and excessive vomiting may indicate a birth injury.

Chicago Birth Injury Lawyer

A baby who suffers a major birth injury is likely to require extensive care. If the injury is a result of medical malpractice, such as failure of the doctor to monitor the child’s condition after a prolonged labor, the child and the parents may seek compensation. Talk with a Chicago birth injury lawyer from Willens & Baez to learn how to protect your child’s legal rights. Call us at (312) 957-4166 for a free consultation.

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