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Chicago Medication Errors Lawyer

Most everyone alive in the United States is accustomed to taking prescription medications, from antibiotics to pain medication. Except for surgery and other invasive procedures, medication has become the go to treatment for most medical conditions. New medicines are introduced to the medical community every day. Each requires years of testing and millions of dollars of research. It is big business. It is also necessary. However, with so many medicines on the market, it is left in the hands of doctors to determine the medication that is right for you. When a doctor fails to keep up with the education necessary to properly prescribe the latest drug, it can leave you feeling like a failed science experiment. Every drug comes with lengthy warnings and instructions. When a doctor doesn’t consider your current condition, past medical history, or consider the drugs you are currently taking, even the right drug for your condition can cause serious problems. But when a doctor flat out prescribes the wrong drug for your condition, you may be not only facing the side effects of the drug, but your condition goes untreated.

Your best option

When your doctor makes a medication mistake causing you injury, pain, or any other side effect, you need to assert your rights for just compensation for your injury. The Willens Law Offices are experienced in medication error cases, we have the resources and the expert witnesses to show the mistakes of your doctor and determine the extent of your injuries. By giving us a call, you won’t be wondering what to do. We not only begin proceedings to seek compensation for your injuries but we can direct you to the doctors who can give you the help you now need. Your health, after all, is the first priority.

Your rightful compensation

We, of course make sure your current and future medical bills are covered as they relate to the medical malpractice of your doctor. However, your lost income, lost opportunity, and even pain and suffering are also factored in, to give you a truly fair settlement.Give Willens Law Firm a call as soon as you suspect a medication mistake by your doctor. We can help you now, when it is most important.